Landlord Tenant

Property leasing law occupies a unique area in our legal system because it controls rights that touch everyone’s lives – the right to have a home and the right to earn a living. The law holds landlords to certain duties and obligations in order to protect the rights and privacy of their residential and business tenants. At the same time, tenants have certain obligations under the law that they must abide by to protect the valuable property of the landlords and to protect their neighbors’ rights to enjoy their own property.

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, and whether the property in question is residential or commercial, we will help you to navigate the complexities of landlord-tenant law. If you are a tenant, we will help you to enforce and enjoy all of the rights to which you are entitled under the lease and under the law. If you are a landlord, we will help make sure you are operating within parameters that the law sets forth for you, and we will help you to deal with problem tenants in a manner that protects your rights while not overstepping the limitations set forth by the law.